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Lucyana Sposito is the Wedding Planner behind LS Wedding Planner co., the maestro of executing ambitious and concepts through the realities of production, her work reflects a bold, can-do attitude, where bringing a couple’s vision to life is not only possible but essential. And, her eyes will tell you how much she LOVES what she does.


Lucyana credits a background across multiple cultures and countries where she lived, as key to her creativity, production savvy, and innate flexibility. After graduating in International Relations, started in her family’s events business in 2002 and felt in love with the Wedding Industry, where she never stopped creating meaningful weddings, since then.

A few of her favorite things

She travels a lot to know other cultures around the world and to learn more about other possibilities to make your day UNBELIEVABLE. She is crazy about Music Production, Cocktails and Fine Cuisine.

Speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, Turkish and a bit of Italian (because of her Italian bond)


Lucyana Sposito
Founder and Wedding Planner

Portugal Wedding Destination


Ideas & Info
Creative Ideas, suggestions, tips, legal and all the information to save couple’s time and bringing solutions to every need
Wedding planning of every single detail of the wedding ceremony and reception and plus guests assistance, if needed.
Working with the best vendors to make sure your day will be perfect as dreamed.
Elegant, Charming, Customized just like your dreamed of. Working with the best and reliable flower & decoration suppliers in the market.
Image Consultation
Helping bride and groom finding their dream dress and suit that makes them feel wonderful. Makeup and Hair style tips.
Working with great DJ companies and music entertainers to make your party full of energy and fun
Honeymoon & Tourism in Portugal
Helping couples to find their dream destination abroad or finding the best solution if they decide to explore Portugal and its beauty.
Helping guests and families trying to find hotels, apartments, car rental, taxis, uber, cabify, to make their stay in Portugal the best possible.
Portugal has amazing options to thank your guests for their coming to your wedding. I can help you finding the most typical (or not), cool and reliable favors.
Years planning weddings
Different countries


Lisbon Portugal
Customer Support
E-mail: info@lsweddingplanner.com Phone: +351 913 463 431