Sintra is the most mystical and romantic destination in Portugal par excellence. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site for its cultural landscape since 1992. Its sudden and mysterious mists, farms, palaces and mansions dotting its verdant hills, and the novels, poems and artworks it has inspired have helped to make this town a unique, magical and utterly compelling destination.

Come and discover Sintra, the capital of romanticism 25 km from Lisbon where the remains of human occupation during the Neolithic era and Bronze Age coexist with palaces, mansions and farms which proliferated during the 19th and 20th centuries. The lush vegetation, misty micro-climate and calmness one feels amid the tracks, paths and woods brought kings, poets, merchants, artists and travellers in search of tranquillity and inspiration.

Described by Ptolemy as the “Mountain of the Moon”, Sintra is a place of fascination for anyone interested in the spiritual side of life. The greatest proof of its universal appeal is the abundance of old monasteries and chapels dedicated to contemplation, as well as the countless legends linked to pagan rituals. But Sintra is also the perfect destination for anyone who likes to play golf or is interested in health tourism. With recent and modern facilities, contemporary Sintra lives healthily and calmly with historic Sintra.

But there are traces of every age almost everywhere: the palaces and castles recount the more illustrious side of history, while the farms, markets and wineries reveal the bounty nature provides here. The beaches are ideal for those who prefer milder temperatures; the restaurants serve fish that is as fresh as the water in the sea itself; and the impressive lighthouse and Cape Roca setting is always a breathtaking view no matter how many times you visit. There are many ways to describe Sintra and its surrounding areas, but few are as picturesque as the popular saying which says that Sintra is the place where winter spends the summer. Come and discover why.